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What to Look Out for When Buying New Windows in Toronto

There are two main reasons why you might be looking to replace the windows in your home. The first is that you are looking to make smart renovations that will increase your resale value, and the second is that you want to make home upgrades that will increase your home’s comfort and save you money.

When looking to buy new windows in Toronto it’s important that you are making informed decisions about the kind you are getting, as well as the installers you plan to hire. Here are some questions you should be asking before committing to anything.

1. Are they energy-efficient?

One of the main reasons people choose to update their windows is that they are looking for better energy-efficiency in their home. You can tell that the ones you are buying are energy-efficient if they are ENERGY STAR® rated and/or a Health Smart Window® that’s been sealed with Super Spacer® insulating foam. By replacing your window units with more energy-efficient ones you can save yourself about 8% on your energy bills. For additional insulation, look out for units that also have advanced weather stripping and multi-hollow chambers.

2. Are they made of quality material?

Vinyl is the preferred choice when it comes to window frames as they are easy to maintain, can withstand the elements, and don’t require any painting. Units with sturdy extruded vinyl construction and a fusion-welded frame and sash offer superior strength and durability.

The glass in the window units should be assembled with an injection of low-e argon gas, a non-metallic super spacer, and sealed with butyl for an airtight lock. Low-e argon gas creates a glaze on the glass that protects your home from sunlight and ultra-violet heat, which is a great feature for intensely hot summer weather.

3. Are they designed and manufactured locally?

Do your window installation experts design and manufacture their own units, or do they at least get them from a local supplier? It’s great to be able to support local Canadian businesses, but also reassuring to know where your products are coming from. The installers you choose should be able to give you detailed information about where and how their windows are manufactured. If they can’t, then they aren’t taking accountability for their products and shouldn’t be trusted.

4. Are they being installed by professionals?

No matter the quality of the windows you buy, if they aren’t installed properly then you won’t get any of their benefits. When looking for window companies in Toronto, make sure that they are a reputable business with solid customer testimonials and a long-standing history of doing business in the area. Their team should also be fully trained, licensed, and insured with expert installers who are dedicated employees (not sub-contractors). When a company uses employees instead of contractors you can rest assured that the installer has been fully trained, is experienced, and can be relied on to do a good job and provide excellent customer service.

Follow these four tips and you should be well on your way to finding the perfect windows for your home.

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