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Simple Tips to Conquer Terrible Foot Odour

Your foot odour is overpowering. The smell coming off of your running shoes makes everyone in the vicinity wrinkle their nose. When you pull off your socks, people hold their breath until they reach fresher air.

Having smelly feet is embarrassing, but it’s not permanent. Read ahead to find out why you have the unpleasant problem and how you can conquer it.

Why Do You Get Foot Odour?


The main cause of your foot odour is bacteria living on your feet and footwear — this includes your socks, shoes, boots and slippers. Bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments. So, when you are hitting the treadmill at the gym in your favorite pair of running shoes, you’re essentially creating a spot that’s perfect for bacteria. Your feet will be warm, sweaty and enclosed in a tight space.


Damp shoes may not be the only reason behind the smell. Medical issues like Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungus are known to give off a foul odour along with other unsavory symptoms. These two conditions are often caused and worsened by the same bad habits that give people regular foot odour.

If you think of you have a nail infection or Athlete’s Foot, you should try to tackle it right away. You can try over-the-counter medications for a quick solution. If that doesn’t work, you can visit licensed chiropodists in Toronto to create an effective treatment plan to get rid of the problem and prevent it from returning.

People living with diabetes or weak immune systems should go to a chiropodist straightaway. They make sure that something like fungus on feet doesn’t provoke a major health scare.

What Habits Will Keep the Smell Away?

If you want to stop dealing with foot odour, you need to keep your feet and footwear as clean as possible. That way, bacteria and fungus won’t take over.

Start by washing your feet every day with antibacterial soap and warm water and then patting them dry with a towel. Remember that moisture is what helps the bacteria prosper.

Here is a brief list of other habits you should take on:

Alternate your shoes every single day to let them dry out.

Deodorize your shoes. You can fill with them with baking soda to soak up moisture or put them in the freezer to kill the bacteria.

Change your socks often. Always put on a fresh pair of socks — never put on a dirty pair.

Replace older insoles and orthotic inserts with new odour-absorbing ones.

Don’t wear your shoes or boots without a pair of socks.

Don’t walk around barefoot. Wear a pair of socks or slippers indoors. Use waterproof shoes for community swimming pools, locker rooms, saunas and public showers.

When you take on these simple habits, you’ll notice a difference with your feet. They may not smell like a basket of daisies, but at least they won’t make you regret taking off your shoes any time you’re visiting a friend. Soon enough, you’ll slide off those sneakers without a second thought.

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