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10 Amazing New Toronto Restaurants 2019

There are so many restaurants in Toronto that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all them, especially when new ones open up. Here is a list of restaurants that you should check out this year that’ll be sure to tickle your culinary spirit.

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The Food Dudes – Toronto’s seasoned event catering company – has opened a new restaurant simply titled Sara, which is meant to complement its older sister Rasa. Sara serves up small, elegant dishes using local ingredients and a menu that takes inspiration from around the globe. The inside is minimalistic in design and meant to inspire calmness and full immersion in the dining experience.


David Chang’s new restaurant is his next venture after shutting down his other two (Daishō and Shōtō), but it’s not at all like its predecessors. Instead of serving Asian-style cuisine, Kōjin is led by head chef Paula Navarrete and has South-American influences.

Milky’s Coffee

This unique café serves specialty coffees and treats that are beautifully crafted and presented. Even though there are no seats, you can rest your items on a counter and enjoy the minimalistic atmosphere with geometric wooden shapes designed by architecture firm Batay-Csorba.

Le Swan

This vintage Queen West diner has been taken over by Jen Agg and given a French twist. The menu is split into two sections – “French” and “Diner” – and lets you choose between fancier, pricier French bistro meals or more traditional diner-menu items.

Seoul Shakers

Leemo Han’s new restaurant mixes Asian and American flavours to create unique bar-style eats in combinations that you would never consider. The space is dimly lit and coloured by neon signs to create a moody bar setting.


This upscale restaurant is spacious and modern, with a mural decorating its walls and tones of grey, white, and blue. The menu is Canadian-focused but takes inspiration from around the world to make contemporary dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Sushi Masaki Saito

Two-star Michelin sushi Chef Masaki Saito has set out to bring Japan to Torontonians with his new restaurant. Prices are high (up to $500) but you will be lavished with a full multi-course omasake experience presented by Saito himself.


Steven Salm has named his new restaurant after his late father and created a menu inspired by his favourites. The diner-style meals have a bit of a more contemporary twist on American classics, as well as a vegan menu.

Three Monks and a Duck

This quirky restaurant is cramped but colourful, and even has a chessboard built into the bar. The Asian-style food is equally colourful and mostly plant-based, though you will find some tasty meat-based items (like pork belly).

Artisan Plus

If you’re feeling traditional northern Chinese cuisine, then Artisan Plus is a must-visit. You can dine on handmade noodle dishes or traditional roujiamo which is often dubbed a Chinese hamburger.

From contemporary to traditional, each of these restaurants should offer you some exciting food experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

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