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Nothing Endures But Change: Live Streaming Podcast Recordings

I'm passionate of the "theatre of the mind" that is a podcast. It's an audio experience, so I've never been particularly interested in adding a video component. Instead, I've focused on making it sound great.

Mark Hebscher comes from the world of television, and has always been keen on utilizing video when recording his podcast Hebsy on Sports. I started experimenting with live video streams, using Toronto Mike'd as a guinea pig. The last several episodes have all live streamed at and you can watch the recordings there on-demand.

After each episode, I'd make adjustments. I flipped the studio around so we're facing the camera, I added sponsor branding to the desk and back wall, and I tweaked the framing.

The last two live streamed eps, featuring Gino Vannelli and Jerry Howarth, each exceeded 1000 unique viewers. Toronto Mike'd remains a podcast, but there's clearly an appetite for video, and the sponsors love it. StickerYou is creating a decal for that back wall. Fast Time Watch & Jewellery Repair shipped over a sign. The Palma Pasta box of lasagna and Great Lakes Brewery six-pack case are on display in front.

Adding a little video has enhanced the experience without detracting from the audio. The lesson for me is to always keep an open mind. Nothing endures but change.

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