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Toronto Bucket List: 4 Things You Have to Do When Visiting

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There are about a thousand things you should do when visiting Toronto – from ferrying to Toronto Island, visiting the Aga Khan museum, or taking in the stunning Scarborough Bluffs – but as far as things you have to do in Toronto, there is only a handful.

What follows is a list of things you absolutely have to do in the Six, whether you’re visiting or you’ve lived there all your life. Most of these entries are summer-centric, because that’s the season when Toronto really comes alive, but there are a couple entries here you can do year-round. Enjoy the Big Smoke!

Catch a Jay’s Game

Blue Jays Stadium is a rarity among baseball stadiums, with a massive dome that can open and close depending on the weather – perfect for the unpredictable Toronto climate. But the stadium itself is only part of the draw; there is an unmistakeable magnetism to the Toronto crowd, who take their beloved Jays seriously, but with a heavy dose of that Canadian friendliness for good measure! For a more high-octane (and high-priced) experience, head to a Leafs or Raptors game, the latter of is usually attended by none other than Drake himself.

Eat Some Fine Fusion Food

Toronto is a multicultural city – the most multicultural city on earth, in fact, as named by the BBC. In order to experience the fruits of that multiculturalism, make it a point to try some of the city’s amazing fusion food. To get all the best things in one meal, go for a prix fixe like the one at SARA Restaurant which features mind-bending, culture-mashing dishes like Jewish/Korean French fries, or Japanese/Mexican tartare. Canada might not have much in the way of a national cuisine (with apologies to Quebec), but they sure make some amazing multicultural food.

Hang From the CN Tower

For those who like to live on the edge – literally – try the CN Tower EdgeWalk. If you’re unfamiliar with the CN Tower, it was the tallest free-standing structure in the world, until unseated by the Burj Khalifa in 2007. The EdgeWalk allows you to hang off the edge near the top of the tower, with your feet on the ledge, peering down a terrifying 1168 feet. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it’s a must for any thrill-seeking Toronto visitor.

Get Drinks in the Distillery District

There are a lot of great spots for drinks in Toronto. This list could have just as easily named Kensington Market or the Church Street Gay Village as the top spot for drinks. But there’s just something magical about the Distillery District, an 1800s distillery with all its glorious red brick structures in tact. Within the district, there are plenty of charming bars and cafes where you can easily lose track of an evening.

Toronto is an easy city to love. Its adoring yet amicable sports fans, its delectable multicultural food, its death-defying activities and hip drinking holes: what more do you want from a big city?

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