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Who are the best sports betting software providers in the world

Sport is an important part of life. Almost everyone pursues a sport more or less actively. Those who don't find football interesting can watch Formula 1, handball, tennis or athletics. Sports betting is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. This is probably due to the fact that the range of betting providers is becoming ever larger and more extensive. This can be seen in the advertising of the providers alone. The familiar faces from football used to be available for bookmakers, but tennis players, racers and golfers are now also advertising the big providers. But it is not only the range of sports on offer or even the advertiser that speaks for a good betting provider. The most important criteria for good betting providers are briefly explained in the following article.

The legal basis - The license for gambling

Sports betting is regulated by the Gaming Act. The reason for this lies in the definition of gambling. A game of chance is determined by chance and the outcome of the game lies in the future. Therefore, the betting providers need a valid license for gambling, as do online casinos and real casinos need. The majority of the licences come from Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. Other countries are England and Schleswig-Holstein. In these countries gambling has been legal for a long time and the rules for bookmakers are clearly defined. This has the advantage for companies that they can plan and carry out their activities on a legal basis. In other countries, this does not yet work so one-way-free, as the legislation varies from country to country and is still extensively discussed in politics. The customer benefits from the license in the sense that the offer as well as the company is state-examined and regulated. Thus, the offer of sports betting is fully legal and safe.

Certificates as a further quality feature

If one goes on the search for a respectable bet offerer one encounters different test seals, similarly those with life and household products or other services. They provide information about the security of a page, the quality of the offer, the variety of payment methods and other services. It goes without saying that the more certificates a platform has, the better and more secure it is. In Germany, such certificates for sports betting providers are issued by TÜV or the lottery company. The certificates and the license usually do not have to be searched for long. They are usually displayed directly on the start page. After all, these are the most meaningful characteristics for the security and seriousness of the provider.

The offer of betting options and odds

On average, a bookmaker manages between forty and fifty different sports. Each sport is accompanied by individual countries, competitions and leagues. In total, this results in several thousands of games and sporting events on which you can place different bets. For example, you can bet on football in Germany from the first Bundesliga to the regional league. There are then again numerous betting options per game. Several thousand betting options are possible on a match in the first Bundesliga. The number of possible bets on popular sports, leagues, tournaments and teams is around 40,000 different betting options. This clearly shows how extensive the betting provider's platforms really are. There is a odds on every betting option. The quotas have several functions. On the one hand they indicate how high the winnings of a betting option are and on the other hand how probable the event is. Each quota is based on a statistical probability calculation. The higher the odds, the riskier and less likely is a betting option. That would be, for example, the victory of an outsider against a clear favourite. The quality of a betting provider is therefore reflected in the variety of sports, the number of betting options and the value of the odds. There are differences, so a bookmaker can manage many sports, but fewer betting options, but which on average have higher odds than other bookmakers. The number of sports, betting options and odds can be found on the homepage of the betting provider.

Fullest customer satisfaction

If you are active on the Internet and want to buy a product, order a service line or create an account with a particular provider, customer reviews are a way to get more information. By means of the opinions and reviews of active and former customers, details can be obtained, for example, about the user-friendliness of a page, the depth and breadth of the offer or the competence of the support. However, you should read the customer reviews on different platforms and compare them with the information provided by the betting providers. In addition, you should only include some of the opinions in the decision, as there have already been cases at online casinos where customer opinions were bought and falsified. They rate some online casinos as good, causing many to open an account there and deposit money. The money was finally lost. However, one can protect oneself against this by paying attention to the licenses and certificates of a bookmaker.

The amount of information provided

Sports betting is a hobby for the large customer base, only a tiny part make it their profession and live from the income. Whether you place sports bets once a month, once a week or several times a day, one thing is always crucial for success. In order to minimize the risk of sports betting, information is needed above all. These refer on the one hand to sport by actively following the news about sport and on the other hand by analysing the statistics and tables. The other section refers to explanations, tips and tricks from professional betting professionals. The latter is very important, especially at the beginning, in order not to act blindly on the betting market. There is a lot of information and tips about which leagues currently offer particularly high odds, which betting options are safe or what strategy there is to drive success further.

The search for a betting provider

A qualitative bookmaker is also distinguished by the fact that both areas of the information are made available on the platform. This means that you don't have to search for information outside the site, but can research extensive news about sports, read tips for successful bets and place bets via a single platform. You can only benefit from the knowledge and experience of the betting professionals who can be found at Thanks to them, the learning process is accelerated and the chances of success improved by learning from the mistakes made by the betting professionals themselves at the beginning and thus avoiding them.

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