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5 Simple Ways to Prepare For Your Next Dental Check-Up

After being a little lax with scheduling dental appointments the last couple of years, you finally called the dentist and scheduled a dental check-up, What happens next? There are some things you can do to prepare for that appointment. Theses five tips will make things go more smoothly for you and for the team at the dental clinic.

Confirm the Appointment the Day Before

These days, it’s not unusual for a Mississauga dental clinic to reach out to patients with reminders of upcoming appointments. These usually occur the business day before the actual appointment. While some are simply messages left on voice mail, there are clinics that send out reminders by text.

If the message indicates you should respond to confirm the appointment, do so. When it indicates that you only need to call if there’s a need to reschedule, do nothing. The assumption with the latter is that you will be there if you don’t return the message.

Remember that you can always be proactive and call yourself a day or two ahead of the check-up. The staff will be happy to confirm the date and time.

Make a List of Things You Want to Ask the Dentist

It’s easy to think of all sorts of things you want to mention or ask the dentist during the dental check-up. If you want to ensure that all of those questions are actually asked, make a list and take it along for the appointment. You can use the memo feature of your smartphone to make the list. Since you never go anywhere without your phone, there’s no chance of leaving the list on the kitchen counter.

The dentist and the other team members at the Mississauga dental clinic will be happy to answer your questions or provide advice on any dental topic you want to discuss. See this as a good time to ask questions about what type of bristles your toothbrush should sport, how often you should floss, and anything else that comes to mind.

Brush and Floss Before the Appointment

Getting ready for a dental check-up does involve making sure your mouth is clean and fresh. Start by brushing thoroughly. Follow up with using floss and then rinse vigorously.

This is actually good for the dentist as well as for you. The brushing and flossing help to remove residue so it’s easier to examine the teeth and gums. The results are that the dentist and anyone else at the Mississauga dental clinic participating in the check-up will appreciate the effort. For your part, you will feel less self-conscious knowing the teeth are clean and your breath is fresh.

And Don’t Forget the Mouthwash

Do you still wonder if your mouth is as fresh as possible? Follow the brushing and flossing with mouthwash. Choose one that has a reputation for getting rid of bacteria that can cause bad breath. Along with making sure your mouth is fresher for the dental check-up, you get to enjoy that tingling sensation while you make your way to the Mississauga dental clinic.

Be a Few Minutes Early

It never hurts to be a few minutes early to the dental check-up. This gives you time to sign in, verify your dental insurance or other method of payment, and provide any updates to your patient file. That increases the odds of being in an exam room when the actual time for your appointment arrives.

When was the last time you had a check-up? If it’s hard to remember, call your Mississauga dental clinic today and schedule an appointment. This could be the beginning of getting back into the habit of being more diligent with your dental health.

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