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When Time is Running Out

With only a few days to go before Christmas there are still many people who are looking for something a bit special to buy for themselves or for a significant other.

Now finding that special something can be easy if money is no object but if money is tight then buying a gift that is both personal and that bit special can be more difficult.

Luckily there are some great smartphones out there that do not cost a small fortune and also offer some great features and performance.

One of the best things about smartphones is that as the flagship phones get even better then so do the cheaper phones and now you can find a number of smartphones under £200 that is far more than decent.

Another thing to consider is that you can buy these phones outright which means then there are only the data, minutes and texts to pay for which is a big plus point especially if the phone is going to be a gift.

Today you can find some cheap phone from Nokia, Honor, Motorola and other big brand names, and one of the best ways to keep costs down is to buy your phone SIM free then check out one of the many value SIM-only deals out there.

One thing you should check out before opting into any good deal is whether the phone of your choice is sold locked to one particular phone operator, and you must take into consideration that the phone you are buying is probably costing less than a third of one of the flagship phones so there are going to be some corners cut in order for the manufacturer to get to that low price which means you might not get the same speed, miss out on some of the features and display quality.

That said you can still buy a phone that costs less than £200 that boasts full HD display all housed in a sub 8mm-thick metal body, and most support 4G connectivity. The cheaper phones also perform perfectly well if you are into your games or if you enjoy playing at real money online casino sites which is a bonus for many players who enjoy playing when and where they choose.

Take as an example the Honor 9 Lite which can be bought from Amazon for £124.97 with the RRP being £199. This phone has been about for a while now but it still ranks as one of the best budget smartphones to buy. This lovely phone has four cameras, a great design and some pretty decent specs too.

The Motorola Moto E5 can be bought from Amazon for 129.99 with the RRP being £119 and is still up there as one of the best budget phones around. Housing some great features this budget phone has a good design and is a quality build.

The MotoG6 Play can be purchased on Amazon for £13857 with a retail price of £169 and one of the best features is that it has a good battery life. This great phone has a fingerprint sensor and an 18:9 display. The Moto G6 Play also has a headphone jack which is a plus point for many users.

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