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Tucker In The Morning Axed by 999 Virgin Radio

There are big changes to 999 Virgin Radio's lineup, starting with Tucker In The Morning with Maura Grierson, and Andy Wilson. That show has been cancelled after 3.5 years.


Tucker, you may recall, took over when Jay "Maddog" Michaels was dumped after nine years. Jay's a good example of how there are silver linings when such restructuring takes place, as he's now co-hosting the Newstalk 1010 afternoon drive show with Ryan Doyle.

When Adam Wylde quit his gig at KiSS 92.5, I initially thought he might be heading to CHUM to join his mom, but quickly realized he was a much better fit at Virgin. This is just speculation on my part, but it's possible that's exactly what's happening here.

In the meantime, the ever popular Virgin Radio Music will take you from 10pm to 9am when singularly-named Luke is on the air until singularly-named TJ takes over. TJ's just lucky TJ Connors left 97.7 HTZ-FM for Winnipeg so confusion could be minimized.

Also let go during this overhaul is midday host Kella Duncan, Will Nash, and Tessa.


Here's Tucker's comments from today about his firing, posted to his Instagram page.

At 9:10am this morning I was told that my services were no longer required at 999 Virgin Radio. Shortly after @mauragrierson and @andywilson123 were also let go. This came as a surprise as our show was out performing the rest of the station for the better part of the last 2 Year’s and held the #1 position in our demo for the last 12 months. Honestly, I have never seen a company blow up a show that got along so well and had the track record we had. I wish I could tell you why but they never give you the details when they are stripping you of your key card and walking you out the door. Obviously I’m a mix of pissed off and sad. The one thing I will say is that I was lucky to have had the chance to work with Maura, Wilson and Robyn! We had a great time on and off the air.
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