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Roger Ashby Announces Retirement from CHUM

One of my favourite fun facts to share on episodes of Toronto Mike'd is that Roger Ashby is the last person on Toronto radio who could have been heard on Toronto radio in the 60s. After a long career at 1050 CHUM, Ashby moved over to 104.5 CHUM-FM in '85 where he'd spend many years as part of the Roger, Rick & Marilyn morning show with Rick Hodge and Marilyn Denis.

Rick moved on years ago, and today Roger Ashby announced his last day at CHUM would be December 5th. Of course, this is not news to listeners of Toronto Mike'd. John Donabie came on and spilled the beans in July, the same week Jamar McNeil joined Roger and Marilyn in the booth.

When Jamar visited last week, I told him we knew Roger was retiring by the end of the year and that he was his replacement, but that guy deserves credit for playing it cool and saving the internal announcement for Roger himself. Roger made that announcement this morning.

That episode with Jamar is great and I strongly recommend you give it a listen. I also recommend my conversation with Rick Hodge.

Roger himself also dropped by, and even though he told me he only had 30 minutes, it's jam-packed with interesting tidbits about his 50 years on the air. You'll find that episode here.

Roger's a great guy and has been an institution on Toronto's airwaves for half a century. Congrats, and enjoy what's next!

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