Jamar McNeil Joins Roger Ashby and Marilyn Denis on CHUM

CHUM was teasing a big announcement this morning, and with Marilyn's son Adam Wylde sitting on the sidelines waiting for his non-compete to expire, there was much speculation he was joining the team. If you follow me on Twitter, you knew that wasn't the core of this announcement.

Joining Roger and Marilyn on the CHUM morning show is Jamar McNeil. He's an American who was most recently on the air in Chicago as J Niice on B96. As you'll read at that link, he was ready to relocate, and now he's in Toronto and will be a key part of CHUM's listener retention strategy when Roger Ashby decides to hang up his headphones for the last time.


As for Adam Wylde, he and Steve Dangle are actually filling in for Jeff Blair on The Fan 590. I'm pretty confident he'll end up on a Bell Media station, but that's where you'll find him this week.

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the brother

good for chumfm for finally checking that diversity box eh? good luck to JAMAR in this new morning show, i guess we shall see how it evolves. where does this leave caitlyn and jay (mad dog)?

July 16, 2018 @ 9:22 AM


Diversity in that morning lineup is a great thing. However they couldn't hire one of the many very talented minority Canadians?

July 16, 2018 @ 9:36 AM


Diversity in that morning lineup is a great thing. However they couldn't hire one of the many very talented minority Canadians?

July 16, 2018 @ 9:36 AM

the brother

tyrone from etalk recently did a couple of entertainment reports on 104.5. his first one i recall could be considered 'urban-leaning'..... roger welcomed him in the segment intro but was not participating when the discussion of the shooting of rapper smoke dawg came up.

July 16, 2018 @ 9:44 AM


My Aspie Crystal Ball (great Styx song, btw!!) predicts that a slight format change is in the
offing!! Can't see this Dude being hip to the spinning of the likes of Jann Arden and
Sarah McLachlan! (are they still core Chum artists?) Haven't listened to this station at
all since Ingrid was unjustly shown the door.

July 16, 2018 @ 9:59 AM

the brother

You might have this station confused with CHFI? the format is still Adult CHR as sister station virgin has the bell lock on Hot CHR in the GTA. One caters to the dentist office crowd, the other in the mechanic's garage lol

July 16, 2018 @ 10:03 AM


@the brother
Happy to stand corrected!! Good to know that there is still a station in Toronto that keeps it
nice and easy, and with the volume permanently locked onto a volume no higher than a 3 or 4!!!

July 16, 2018 @ 10:12 AM


Interesting, this could be fun! I'm curious as to why they didn't hire locally, but there are always a
multitude of reasons. I always thought Darren B Lamb would take over, but I am sure the opportunity at CHFI was too good to pass up AND came a couple years before this.

CHUM used to be my station in high school, so I they are the only AM show I really keep up with

July 16, 2018 @ 10:27 AM


I'll go way out on a limb and predict there will be endless, suspiciously similar sounding negative comments posted here for weeks or months.
I remember sometime during the summer of 1984, I turned on my radio to what I thought was CHUM-FM, heard Madonna, assumed I must have tuned the wrong station only to check and see it was 104.5, and never listened again.

July 16, 2018 @ 11:19 AM


So disappointed it wasn't Jay. He fit in when Roger and Marilyn were away.
I think paying attention to diversity is an excellent plan but couldn't that roll be filled by a Canadian?????
I will listen again when a Canadian has that position. What does an American really know/understand our unique issues?

July 16, 2018 @ 11:23 AM


I also remember that, but actually didn't mind Madonna back then (only 11 in '84!!).

July 16, 2018 @ 11:27 AM


Way to go, CHUM. Hire an American.

Wrong wrong wrong. Their listeners will point it out in a heartbeat. If the accent is "American" it will turn them off and ratings will drop.

Marilyn gets away with it because she's dual- and there is no accent detectable. And she's been here for decades.

Someone from Chicago will not fare as well.

July 16, 2018 @ 11:49 AM


Donna - Actually it won't be hard for him to fit in with Toronto. Chicago and Toronto are both big cities, dealing with gun violence and gang violence due to economic and social issues.

Racism is also something he is familiar with, along with Trump - and now Ontario has its own similar political landscape! So in reality, I am not sure what will be too difficult for him to learn.

I don't think there are any POC with experience like his who would be willing to work for CHUM, or able to fill the role of Roger right now.

July 16, 2018 @ 11:51 AM



I don't think there are any POC with experience like his who would be willing to work for CHUM, or able to fill the role of Roger right now.

Really? Of ~34 million people and thousands of experienced DJ's around the country, they couldn't find ONE PoC?

July 16, 2018 @ 11:59 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

A couple of thoughts...

1. Of course there are many capable and qualified people of colour in this country who would have loved this job.

2. I'm not sure it's a big deal that Jamar is American. Growing up, my favourite morning show host was Tom Rivers, and he was American. I just chatted up Michael Williams about coming on Toronto Mike'd, and he's American. Two of the three primary Prime Time Sports hosts are now American. This fact doesn't really irk me.

July 16, 2018 @ 12:06 PM


Too bad Michael Williams is too busy producing music to be on the radio anymore! They
probably wanted someone younger to build a pathway towards the future, but he would
have been a great candidate, American or not!! Can't wait for his eventual TM'd appearance!!

July 16, 2018 @ 12:09 PM


Michael is a North American ... was schooled at Loyola Montreal, announcer at CHOM well before MUCH... roughly three decades ago and is as Canadian as tarte au sucre and would have been a sweet choice for the third chair at CHUM(FM) 1045.

July 16, 2018 @ 12:50 PM


Jj you are right regarding how do we ever replace Roger Ashby?
We are Canadians and what is going on south of the border is actually causing even more pride in our country.
Tom Rivers was an American but we have so moved on from that era.
Canadian content so hire a Canadian!!!!!

July 16, 2018 @ 12:53 PM



It does not bode well for your career if you cannot pronounce the city you work in properly. It is insulting to the listeners and drives them not to identify with you. CHUM listeners easily identify with Roger.

Trust me, American-sounding announcers have not fared well in Canada.

July 16, 2018 @ 1:36 PM


Andy Frost, John Scholes & Al Joyner were available. If $ was the issue why bring somebody in from outside of Cda. with a 75 cent dollar equivalence to U.S. $. This guy must be paid handsomely.

July 16, 2018 @ 2:00 PM


Cambo - I said what I said! Lol, I just don't know if there are any POC to fill the role currently - but I don't know how diligent the search was - we have discussed diversity in radio here, and everyone seemed to think giving POC extra opportunities to get better jobs in the media field could be seen as pandering - so not too sure where the POC are going to be coming from. Besides Mocha from Roz and Mocha, Mark and Jemini, I don't know of any other POC doing radio - and the one guy on CHFI in the afternoons. As an aside, I don't pronounce Toronto properly, as I have an accent and I am doing just fine :)

Donna - If we had so much pride in our country, why did we vote the way we did in June? I doubt his being American will mean he cannot relate to our culture - especially in Toronto, he probably will do just fine.

July 16, 2018 @ 2:07 PM


I am sure he will relate to the Toronto culture but will be relate to Canadians.
Ontario voted the way they did because we were smart enough to realize we cannot increase our debt load.

July 16, 2018 @ 2:47 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Matt Galloway is a person of colour, as is Supriya Dwivedi and Peter Kash. All host (or co-host) morning shows on Toronto radio stations.

July 16, 2018 @ 5:00 PM


Maybe I should start posting multiple comments about the lack of 'OUT' Autism Spectrum people
in the local media? Is the issue more that a local Person of Colour wasn't hired or that this fella
is American? Why do so many of the comment threads on here always come down to this
particular issue (mostly asked rhetorically)? As a Caucasian, I know that it might not be very PC for me
to ask this question, but as stated above, as a person with a somewhat mostly invisible hanicap/
learning disability, there are plenty of other groups of people who are also in a similar position
(with regards to lack of equal media representation).

July 16, 2018 @ 5:16 PM


Sigh, another careless error on my part above, "HANDICAP", not hanicap!!!

July 16, 2018 @ 5:18 PM


Toronto Mike - so they already host and co host in the AM, what would make 104.5 appealing to them is what I am trying to say.

bsmntdwllr73 - the issue is that he is a POC, and also American :p I really don't see the issue with him being hired, I think he will probably do ok! Canada is amazing, and I want everyone represented, and I think we should work on this for sure!

July 16, 2018 @ 6:32 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I wasn't suggesting those people would want to work mornings on CHUM, just that they were people of colour on Toronto morning radio. :)

There's almost 7 million people in the GTA and many are people of colour. I'm certain there are good candidates there, but again, the fact Jamar is American doesn't really bug me.

July 16, 2018 @ 6:57 PM

the brother

TM, what about the failed Joey Brooks experiment on chum's drive home show? He came to us via Boston for a brief stint. This was AFTER Darren B replaced Rick Hodge as the morning show co-host and BEFORE Ashley took over...he was the original host of the "Weekend Blowout" on Saturday nights. Yet no one remembers him lol

July 16, 2018 @ 7:25 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@the brother

I haven't actually listened to CHUM since the Sunday Night Funnies, so I certainly missed Joey.

July 16, 2018 @ 7:30 PM

the brother

what if a white Canadian guy or girl with a Canadian accent took over the morning show at an urban station in NYC, would there be an outcry? :P

July 16, 2018 @ 9:27 PM


Let us not forget that Special Ed formerly of Virgin in Toronto is from the US. He had pretty great ratings if I remember. He’s doing a morning show in Calgary now with Katie Summers (sp?) and they do an incredible show.

July 16, 2018 @ 10:02 PM


We are pushing Canadians to by Canadian...Bell, you're not setting a good example.

July 17, 2018 @ 12:13 AM


Why not give him a chance? Why does the new host have to be already a Canadian? We are a community about diversity and one that is supposed to be welcoming. Maybe Bell did a search and he was the best candidate. I think it’s great that they brought someonr in who Ian going to have a different perspective.

July 17, 2018 @ 7:46 AM


Care - exactlyyyyyyyyy.

the brother - there are so many answers to that.... lol.

July 17, 2018 @ 8:00 AM


So what becomes of Caitlyn Green ? I quite like her segments, actually more than I like Marilyn Denis ! Has Roger given anyone a date for retirement ? I quite like him as well, but I feel like he is one of those guys who is going to continue until awkwardly being shown the door.

July 17, 2018 @ 8:40 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Roger has not publicly announced his retirement.... yet.

A complete guess on my part: It happens in the next six months.

July 17, 2018 @ 8:47 AM

the brother

visitors to Toronto looking for morning entertainment and are tuning in to Kiss 92-5, then flipping to chum, then seem confused of this radio trend, 'the west indian guy and the curmudgeon' format....coming to a frequency near you.

did anyone hear tyrone from etalk on the 8:00am entertainment report as roger introduced him to jamar and the discussion quickly went urban.... about 'black guys with dreads being mistaken for 2chains' lol...roger, turns off mic....marilyn jumps in to try and steer the report....echoes of face palms.

it's been a challenging start ;)

July 17, 2018 @ 9:04 AM


I will give him a change. So far, not so good. Not fitting in really well. He's got to be quicker and more interesting. He's just starting but hire Canadian next time. Roger is going to be sooooooooo missed!

July 17, 2018 @ 9:06 AM


Methinks that this could be the new most active thread on Toronto Mike'd!!!

July 17, 2018 @ 9:13 AM


I don't even listen to CHUM anymore, or any morning radio - but the brother that sounds actually hilarious! He'll fit right in!

July 17, 2018 @ 9:24 AM


I cant believe people care so much that he is American. I guess Leaf fans should be very upset that Austin Matthews is American- I'm sure we could have gotten other Canadian hockey players.

Give him a chance- if he is terrible, he will be sent packing- but what if he's good??

July 17, 2018 @ 12:05 PM



Austin Matthews does not talk on a radio station.

The hiring of an announcer from the States has nothing to do with him specifically. It's usually typical of a swing toward a different-sounding station. Usually, consultants convince the owners to model a more "American" sound.

It's been tried before- and usually doesn't go well. Same reason Stern was tossed from Q107.

July 17, 2018 @ 1:26 PM


I can't believe how much we care so much that he is American. There are a number of hosts that are from other parts of Canada and probably knew very little about Toronto as well. I am so glad there is new voices in the Morning. I am sure there are plenty Canadian hosts BUT really whenever there is an opening in the morning shows, the replacement is someone from a competing station. The radio industry is tiny tiny.

I listen to Chum every morning, switch when they play music to another station and switch back to listen to the Roger & Marilyn & now Jamar. Roger & Marilyn have the best chemistry on the radio and he'll find his way to mesh.

I am still confused about the rebranding. What is POP? Is that referring to the music? I assume? Because they literally have been playing the same stuff.

July 17, 2018 @ 2:43 PM


I listened for a bit this morning and it's nice to hear a fresh voice BUT he needs to stop referring to Chicago , New york and other US cities. No one cares..you're in Toronto now (and please stop pronouncing it "TARANTO")

July 17, 2018 @ 3:50 PM


I listened.
I tuned out.
Horrible hire.
He won't last.

He can't even say Toronto properly.

July 17, 2018 @ 4:15 PM


I have loved and listened to Chum's morning show for more than 25 years. I was sad when Rick left, really upset when Darren left but this tops it all. An American who knows nothing about Canada or Toronto. I just don't get it! I don't want to hear about NYC or Chicago. I am so faithful to Roger and Marilyn but I don't think I can continue listening, I can't believe I'm saying this. When they were away I LOVED listening to Jay....and was hoping he would eventually take over. I am beyond disappointed in you BELL......hello Rogers!

July 17, 2018 @ 11:48 PM

Doug Thompson

Whenever Roger decides to hang up his CHUM microphone, he'll have made radio history. Extremely talented man. I was at CHUM when he arrived in 1969. What an amazing on-air run.

July 18, 2018 @ 2:27 AM


Tried to listen this morning. Gave up by 6.
Seemed too forced, maybe everyone trying too hard.
The magic was gone!
Changed station.

July 18, 2018 @ 6:05 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Doug Thompson

I believe Roger is the last person with a regular Toronto radio shift who was also on the air in the 1960s.

I believe John Donabie was the second last person who could make this claim, and he visits me tomorrow. Hear that chat by subscribing to Toronto Mike'd.

July 18, 2018 @ 7:57 AM


really people can't handle someone discussing some different cities, and not being able to pronounce Toronto? I thought Canadians were welcoming?

Be glad that he wanted to come and do something new here in the city. I have lived here for 21 years and I can't pronounce Toronto, and people don't or cannot or will not understand me because I have an accent too - yet I stay here and work and I am proud to be here. Ya'll are some haters.

July 18, 2018 @ 10:21 AM


I'm sure that he is being well-paid for coming up here, but it does seem like a little bit of an odd
mix. Not along racial lines or anything like that, but because he is probably a good deal younger
than his two current co-hosts!! Just seems like a weird transition if the plan is for him to eventually
host the morning show entirely on his own. Perhaps he should have been brought in on another
shift before being thrown into Chum's long-running morning show and its devoted (if somwhat fickle) listenership?!?

July 18, 2018 @ 10:36 AM


bsmntdwllr73 - he has previous morning show experience, based on what little i saw when i snooped it out. i understand people are passionate, but their disdain is really sad.

no sense in moving to Toronto, after hosting an AM show within your career - only to take a non AM show somewhere else. if he is part of their transition plan, better to see how he fits in with the end result.

July 18, 2018 @ 10:54 AM


I didn't mean that he didn't have the skills to host/co-host a Toronto morning show, but
that sometimes it might be extra prudent to make such changes more strategically, and again,
this is not a racially-based comment. Don't think it would have mattered if a Caucasian American
would have been thrown into the mix. People would still find one thing or another to complain
about. We Canadians sure do like to bitch/complain/moan, especially if can be done anonymously
or under a pseudonym (like me!) through the Interwebs!!!

July 18, 2018 @ 11:01 AM


bsmntdwllr73 - Oh I know what you mean!

I think some people would have preferred if it was a Caucasian American, or Caucasian Canadian, before a Black Canadian or Black American. I love complaining here too :) but Mike knows what I look like, we tweet each other from time to time - just don't know if he knows it is me haha.

July 18, 2018 @ 11:04 AM


See, that's the beauty (somewhat) of the Internet: Lurkability!! I consider it a public service
of the highest order that there is no visual proof of my existence online. Would feel tremendously
guilty about the mass run on Gravol if my image were to accidentally be released!! A face for radio,
as the cliched (but oh-so-true, in my case!!) saying often goes!!!

July 18, 2018 @ 11:08 AM


bsmntdwllr73 - you're too hard on yourself. and remember, looks fade over time, so really you can't ever bank on them lasting forever, and really no one should. your sweetie sees you all the time and has love for you, and that's all that matters

July 18, 2018 @ 11:58 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Oh, I know it's you!!

July 18, 2018 @ 12:56 PM



July 18, 2018 @ 1:19 PM


You're much too kind!! Extreme self-deprecation is my one and only superpower!!!
Surprisingly works very well as a disarming tool when the proverbial bleep is
going down. And most definitely not coming soon (say, the Twelfth of Never!) is
my blistering, self-eviscerating un-self-published autobiography "JE SUIS PATHETIQUE!!!"
If my percolating blog/podcast idea "BOOK SMART/PEOPLE STUPID!" doesn't magically appear first!!

July 18, 2018 @ 2:03 PM


As can be seen in the threads about AM 640 and Q107, any change causes certain people (or perhaps the same person using different names) to endlessly repeat the same complaint over and over again. It's maybe something like 7-year-olds not liking it when they get a supply teacher for a day or two instead of the regular teacher, except in this case the regular teacher is not going to be returning. Here, he/she/they would appear to have already decided it will be repetitive juvenile complaints for the next several months that the new guy is American and about the way he says 'Toronto'.

July 18, 2018 @ 4:08 PM

the brother

Is it possible chum's consultants are running the station's new image? Hiring Shannon and making the logo pink just before pride? Hiring Jamar to the coveted morning show just before Caribana?

After years of catering to soccer mom's, these changes come after their most disastrous ratings book in over 30 years. Well I guess they got us talking but is it sustainable?

Let the cards fall where they may...look for TV commercials pluggin the new morning cast very SOON.

Sadly, the biggest casualty will be never hearing Jay on 104-5 again. He was a great fit.

July 18, 2018 @ 4:10 PM


bsmntdwllr73 - I am trying to get you to the middle ground of self deprecation ;)

H.O.E - I understand why people are upset if they think Roger's retirement is soon, and then Marilyn will leave too - the end of an era is hard (i woke up to this shitty DeRozan news!) but the endless complaints about accents, people of colour are just annoying, I agree and repetitive and in this day and age I cannot stomach it any longer.

the brother - all valid points, maybe some of the Caribana crowd who listens to CHUM on the way into work will be retained for example. I think people need to accept that we're a city with a huge international population, and the media we consume should reflect it EVEN if not every citizen is from an international place.

July 18, 2018 @ 4:18 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Mad Dog/Jay Michaels probably would have been the most likely local choice, but then who would head line the Rush on 1010?
Bell is too busy trying to think outside the box, than to just provide good old fashion morning radio that CHUM has provided for years.
There will be a day Roger and Marilyn pack up and go.
Jamar has the experience, and you can hear he can keep up his end of a conversation. Wish him all the luck, he is just a few days in.

July 18, 2018 @ 9:30 PM

From the 905

It's now day 4 for Jamar a I'm starting to like him. That said, I LOVE Jay and was hoping that he would be a permanent fixture for CHUM's morning show. I hope that we'll still get to hear him. I don't dislike Roger, but for the past couple of years, I've found him to sound more crotchety. Once he leaves, I would be ecstatic if he were to be replaced by Jay. Jay is one of a kind!

July 19, 2018 @ 10:40 AM

Rick C in Oakville

Hey Mike, Maybe you can get Jamar on your Podcast?

July 21, 2018 @ 4:53 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Rick C in Oakville

Jamar and I spoke on the phone yesterday and he tells me he's coming on Toronto Mike'd.

July 21, 2018 @ 7:39 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Look at you Mike, always ahead of the crowd! ;)

July 21, 2018 @ 8:50 PM


What a bunch of old geezers you are. Oh no he talks different, oh no hes black , oh no he cant say toronto, oh no he talks about other cities...oh no hes american, open your minds and you might learn something outside of your mississagua cubicles.. so typically provincial of the chumfm masses.. who is still listening to this station, besides soccer moms and the elderly.. this is a move to appeal to a broader demographic, because you all are dinosaurs.. i have never even thought about putting on chum fm...

July 26, 2018 @ 8:17 AM


I think Jamal should be given a change. Who cares if he's American? Yes, I would have hoped we would hire a Canadian, but we have zero idea what went on in this hiring process. And everyone talks about what is familiar, so it's no surprise he mentions NYC, Chi-town, etc. Give him six months and he'll be talking about the 416 and The Danforth.

As for mis-pronouncing Toronto....evs. He'll learn. Or he'll start with the 416, the 6, TO and all the other things we "lifers" call our city. My Gran called it TRANNAH. Ew. So what?

Now, whether or not the listeners will like the new direction of CHUM-FM is another story, but all things change, people retire, quit, get fired, move on....and everyone deals with it however they choose. If I don't like the music, I'll find music I like. That's why I listen anyway.

July 27, 2018 @ 9:26 AM


Personally I am surprised they hired an American ! I have been listening every morning this week and don’t feel the vibe between him and Marilyn at all. Maybe it will be better when Roger comes back. I was hoping Caitlyn Green would become the third person as she fits well. I am trying to have an open mind but not sure it will be happy with him.

July 29, 2018 @ 11:19 AM


I think Jamar has a very pleasing voice but I must admit, why not a Canadian? There are many subtle situations that he will not understand for a while yet, nor will he get certain inferences. Jay was great also with a pleasing voice but I suppose he was happy doing his other show. I don’t think diversity has anything to do with it, it has to do with giving one of our own a chance first. We can be very diverse in our own country.

July 30, 2018 @ 12:26 PM

Morning Commuter

I was listening to CHUM FM this last month and wondered why something was off. This Jamar that was on the air sounded way off character and much to American. Why was this happening? The comments I heard were rude almost disrespectful and his bad grammar was cringe-worthy. Now I read that they brought in an American to do a Canadian broadcast. YIKES!!! Like there isn't enough talent in Canada. Come on people what were you thinking!! You just lost a listener for good. So very disappointed!

August 14, 2018 @ 10:53 AM


I don’t care that he’s American. He brings something fresh and new to the table!
I enjoy listening to the show every morning on my drive to work.

September 7, 2018 @ 9:55 PM


Love 104.5 I was sad when Darren B. Lamb left so I switched to CHFI but when I learned Jamar was on the show, and he was American \I started listening, and I loved it. what wrong with us Canadians, lets have some diversity, good laughs and new happenings, lets stop having a single tunnel vision, give Jamar a chance he has experience, and he brings different things to the table. He is young, cool, and energetic. I enjoy listening to him Way to go Jamar welcome to TO. MAKE TORONTO POP.

October 11, 2018 @ 7:23 PM


As a listener since I moved to this city in 1985, I think Jamar is the wrong fit. He is not well spoken like the rest of the team. Trying to be open minded but not enjoying the morning show like I once did.

October 31, 2018 @ 12:38 PM


Is Jamar McNeil, Kawai Leonard of the Raptors twin brother. Identical twins.

October 31, 2018 @ 1:08 PM


andrew - no, definitely not twins lol. cousins maybe.

October 31, 2018 @ 1:44 PM


I think the chum morning show should be Jay Michael (mad dog) and Adam Wylde and Catelyn (she is there now) I grew up listening to Roger Rick and Marilyn. But now Roger is gone 🙁 and I adore Marilyn. But I think it's been an end of an era and a start for a new one. Just my opinion 😉

December 12, 2018 @ 7:17 AM


What in heaven's name does a person's race have to do with being a radio show host (or television show host, or any other host for that matter)? Being able to host a show has to do with qualifications, personality and experience. How about just congratulating them both on the new format and wishing them well? We're trying to get AWAY from compartmentalizing and stereotyping people based on their race, gender, size, etc., and yet it seems people are focusing on it more and not less. To keep distinguishing between women and men, black and white, heavy and thin, etc., suggests that there is indeed a difference and perpetuates the problem. In terms of Jamar joining Marilyn and the team at Chum, it can take time to settle into a groove and for personalities to gel. The fact that he's from the US may throw a different perspective into some of the conversations, but what's so wrong with that? I'm sure before we know it the banter will be flowing as if they've been together for years.

January 10, 2019 @ 10:33 AM

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