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Supporting Independent Canadian Podcasts: Support the Supporters

I've been assisting in the production of podcasts for over a decade now, and I've managed the A-Z of my own podcast for over five years, so trust me when I tell you Canada is lagging far behind the United States when it comes to the monetization of podcasts. Sponsors seem hesitant to embrace the medium, avoiding the "bleeding edge" and parking their marketing dollars in traditional legacy channels.

Ask any podcast listener how many independent Canadian podcasts they listen to. If you remove podcasts from the CBC, Bell Media, Rogers Media and Corus, what Canadian content is on your playlist? I'll wait while you count them on one hand...

This is why it's vital we support those companies willing to step up and sponsor independent podcasts in this country. If you'll allow it, and you don't really have a choice, I'd like to talk about the three organizations spending real dollars from their marketing budgets on a completely independent podcast recorded in some guy's basement in southwest Toronto.

Pay TM
Pay TM Canada is located in Liberty Village and they recently signed on for six months to promote their bill payment app.  This is pretty cool, and I urge you all to try it. Not only is it convenient to have all of your bills on the PAY TM app but they'll pay you to pay your bills. You’ll receive 3% cash back on everyday goods like coffee at Tim Horton's and Gas at Esso. Now here's what I need you to do...

  1. Visit and download the app for your smartphone
  2. Use promo code "TorontoMike" to get $10 off on your first bill payment
  3. Enjoy and profit!
Brian Gerstein is a longtime supporter of the podcast who recently renewed his sponsorship for a second six-months. A real estate sales representative with PSR Brokerage, he's not only a solid citizen, but he knows his stuff.

If you are planning to buy and/or sell in the next 6ix months, call Brian at (416) 873-0292 and visit

Great Lakes Brewery
Great Lakes Brewery were first to step up and sponsor Toronto Mike'd and they've just renewed for the third time. That's two years now (and counting)!

They're a fiercely independent brewery celebrating 30 years in the craft beer business and I can't tell you how many $5 pints I've enjoyed on their patio. In fact, I'm planning to bike over there today.

It also helps that they produce tasty beer. The next time you're thirsty, choose GLB and let them know you appreciate their support of independent Canadian podcasts.

Your Company Here
A podcast listener is a focused and loyal listener. If you have marketing dollars to spend, consider sponsoring an independent Canadian podcast. I'd like to hear more independent voices in this country and I'll bet you would, too.

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