Audials Tunebite 2017

You know about the Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium release? Have a look at the Platinum addition as well – the Platinum edition combines the audio features of Audials Tunebite Premium and the video capabilities of Audials Moviebox in one program.

What can it do
With Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium, you can easily record music and save audio steams as individual songs. The Platinum edition additionally saves video, records and saves video streams. It converts audio and video, copies DVD’s, protected and unprotected, and comes with a media centre where you can enjoy movies, series, videos and music – all your entertainment, anywhere.

Why is it loved
Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium saves music from all major streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal etc. It even records music and audio books at twice the speed from Spotify and Deezer. Moreover, it is compatible with so many different file formats and has quick conversion speeds. It has an impressive look and feel plus it has so many more capabilities and features than your average converter. It can convert audio files to several different audio formats as well as copy DVDs and to top it off it sorts all of your music into a convenient and sortable library.

The MP3 converter looks far more sophisticated than other audio converters, in a good way, it has a has a sleek and modern look. One of the major advantages to using Audials Tunebite Platinum is its video file compatibility.

Audials Tunebite’s audio converter is able to convert every video file thrown at it, including, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV. Extracting the audio from video files is a feature that isn't included in iTunes, Audials makes life easy like this.

Audials Tunebite is compatible with roughly 40 audio files (not including video files) and can convert them in a timely fashion to 11 different audio formats – the audio compatibility as well as the conversion speed were both impressive. Audials is available on Windows 10, 8 and 7 platforms.

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What you need
A program that records crystal-clear sound because it records using your computers sound card as opposed to the mic. Converting and transcoding video from one format to another, while giving you all the features, tweaks, and options you need to make sure it plays smoothly on whatever device or screen you plan to send it to.

In conclusion
Audials Tunebite 2017 is an impressive audio and video converter. It is compatible with many different files and doing so in lightning speed. Impressive, easy-to-use software.

Download the free demo version on the Website of the company

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