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Top Casinos near Toronto

So you’ve arrived in Toronto and you’re  looking to hit the casinos? You’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of  places that you should check around the city. Lucky for you, we have some  recommendations that hopefully will help you have a great night and possibly  get your hands on some cash.

At times where you’ve exhausted yourself  with sightseeing, there is the option of casinos online. Some of the casinos on  our list are pretty far out from the city. You can find places to play at  If you’d rather get active during the day, Toronto is a great city for cycling.  Make sure that you lock up your  bike securely if you venture downtown, though. However, for night time  entertainment you really can’t beat the casinos. The ones below are amongst the  best in the city. Just remember to set a budget, so you don’t spend all of your  vacation cash in one night!

Fallsview  Casino
One of the top things to see whilst in  Toronto is the Niagara Falls.  You’ll find a few casinos around the attraction, Fallsview casino being one of  them. As the name suggests, one of the major selling points of this casino is  its proximity to the Falls. You’ll be able to take in the views and the many  forms of entertainment that the casino offers. Top performers such as Tony  Bennett and ZZ Top have played shows in the venue, which hosts over 250  shows every year. The casino also boasts more than 3,000 slots, over 20 table  games and the opportunity to win million dollar jackpots.

Niagara Falls

Casino  Niagara
If you want to visit Niagara and play poker  then Casino Niagara is the destination for you. There’s live music for free on  Friday and Saturdays too. At the Casino Niagara, you’ll find over 1,300 slots,  10 different table games and sports  betting.

Toronto Skyline

The  Ex
Based in inside the city, heading to The Ex  means that you don’t need to venture far to find casino games. However, it is  only open for a while during the summer, so be sure to check the dates before  you plan a trip.

The  Great Blue Heron Casino
This casino is based in Scugog, not far  from Toronto. Book ahead to play in one of the poker tournaments, or have a go  on the slots. You’ll also find a wealth of different table games, aside from  poker.

Casino  Rama
For a casino that offers nightly  entertainment, your best bet (ha!) is Casino Rama. It will take around 2 hours  to get there, so planning for an overnight stay in the region is probably wise.  However, it’s worth it. Expect to enjoy a tonne of table games and over 2,500  slot machines.

Toronto is city packed with things to do.  It has some great casinos if you’re willing to make the trip!

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