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Billy Van Singers + Laurie Bower Singers = Spiderman Theme

If you caught episode 167 of my podcast, you heard Retrontario talking about the Laurie Bower Singers. We played "Season of the Yonge" by the Laurie Bower Singers, a song about our very own Yonge Street.

"Season of the Yonge" is so obscure, I couldn't find it on YouTube, but here's the MP3 if you've never heard it before.

Today, I received this tweet from Laurie Bower's daughter.

@torontomike @retrontario Fun fact: The Laurie Bower Singers & Billy Van Singers were the vocalists for the original Spiderman theme :)— Tracey Hamilton (@jazcan) May 15, 2016

My mind was blown. The Spider-Man theme song from the 60s we all know and love featured members of the Billy Van Singers and Laurie Bower Singers groups. Billy Van of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein had a vocal group? Was there anything he couldn't do?

So next time you hear this theme song, know its Toronto connection.

Bonus fun fact: Laurie Bower provided background vocals for a song Jays fans still know and love.

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