Gord Martineau

Gord MartineauIt seems like Gord Martineau's been around forever. For as long as I can remember he's been anchoring the six o'clock news on CityTV. He's become a Toronto institution.

Poor Gordo made some off-colour remarks between takes of a promo that was recorded and leaked to the Internet the other day. There used to be links to the offending material, but Frank Magazine took them down upon receiving a letter from the lawyers. CFNY Edge 102 was playing the clips all morning yesterday, and I can vouch they were pretty funny. Martineau called co-anchor Anne Mroczkowski a "f*cking bint", cracked off about pancreas transplants and made a "homo" joke about Roch Voisine. He also enjoyed making a few references to little Gord.

As far as I'm concerned, what these guys say when they're not being broadcast makes no difference. You've got to maintain a sense of humour and a joke or two is good for on-the-job stress. Sure, it's best to keep the humour PC when you're being taped and are a television personality, but we're none of us perfect. For what it's worth, he's already issued the obligatory apology.

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what about the fact that he cheats on his wife left right and center? how would he respond to someone making a comment about that??

sad that the both of them are gone :( :( :(

July 14, 2010 @ 9:02 PM

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