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What You See When Things Go Awry

On days like this, I bike east on the Martin Goodman Trail. That cycling trail is actually maintained by the city during the winter, so they plough and salt.

And they really, really salt. I get why they dump so much salt down, as their primary concern is safety, but it's like biking on gravel. I can't tell you how many tubes I've busted from riding on salt.

Today, when I was cycling at lunch, one lane of the trail was ploughed and salted and the other was not. I decided to bike in the unploughed lane. This, it turns out, was a bad decision.

I crashed, creating quite the visual distraction for backed-up motorists on the Gardiner Expressway. Once I realized I hadn't broken any bones, I got up, put the chain back on my bike, and started cycling so the motorists knew I was okay. I was fine, but my bike was not.

With a disabled bike, it was time to start walking west towards home. It was sunny along the waterfront, and for the next 45 minutes, I saw things in a completely different light.

Here's a pic I snapped shortly after falling. It all looked so damn pretty.


Then, there were the low rise apartment complexes along Lake Shore. I had biked by them hundreds of times, but I had never really realized how cool the signage looked. One day, these old signs from a previous era, will be gone.


I often tell motorists that they're missing most of the city by not cycling instead. It turns out, you'll see even more if you go for a walk.

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