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The Coin Flip Debate and How it Reminds me of Frozen

I didn't watch a minute of NFL football during the regular season, but when a playoff game is close in the fourth quarter, I like to tune in. Last night, Green Bay forced overtime with an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary pass to Jeff Janis. If you missed it, watch it here.

In NFL OT, it's vital you win the coin toss. Winning the coin toss gives you first crack at scoring a touchdown and ending the game. It's sudden death, if you reach the endzone...

The ref showed the coin showing heads, so Rodgers called tails. Apparently, Rodgers has a coin flip strategy to choose the opposite of what it's showing before the flip. But when the ref flipped the coin, the coin did not flip. Check it out below.

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The ref decided to flip it again, this time showing tails. But he didn't let Rodgers call it again. He went with his original call, when the coin was showing heads. As a result, Arizona won the toss, and subsequently the game.

Rodgers feels he should have been able to re-call heads or tails when the ref decided to do a second flip. This is one of those great debates that will feed sports radio across the continent. Ponder it for a second... it's a great one.

And it reminds me of a 5-second scene in Frozen after Elsa froze everything. Two guys are stacking firewood and arguing about whether the wood should be stacked with the bark down or up. This is based on an actual debate in Norway that gripped the nation. Read this article in the New York Times for a little background. Norway seems split on proper firewood stacking technique.

If the ref feels a second coin flip is fair, shouldn't the person calling heads or tails have a chance to call it again? Or, as many are arguing, should the original call stand?

In my humble opinion, Rodgers should have been allowed to call it again. And firewood should be stacked bark down.

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