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I Hope the Jays Don't Celebrate Clinching the Wildcard

As you likely know, the Blue Jays have the longest active playoff drought in all of Major League Baseball. In fact, we have the longest active drought of all the four major North American leagues: MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

That drought ends this season. In fact, it's possible we clinch a wildcard berth tonight. I'm hoping we don't celebrate that fact. I'd hate to see us break out the champagne.

I'm not even tracking the magic number to clinch a wildcard spot. The number you'll find on this site is currently at 8. That's the magic number we care about.

None of us will be satisfied this season with a wildcard berth. We've all got our eyes set on the American League Eastern Division pennant. That's the first goal, and when we clinch that title, we can break out the champagne and celebrate.

We've waited 22 years. We can wait another few days.

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