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The Joke's On Me

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an observation I thought was accurate. It seems the Jokers in the various iterations of Batman tend to depict their era's drug of choice. I shared this image in the tweet below.

This is accurate. All the Jokers depict their era's drug of choice.— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) August 7, 2015

That was about 18 hours ago. Since then, my Twitter notifications have been bombarded with retweets and favourites. We're at about 1000 of each.

That's nice and all, but it's not my content and whoever created the original image misspelled 'heroin', so I've received dozens and dozens of smart ass replies like this one.

@torontomike @garywhitta Was not aware that Ledger's Joker was a female protagonist. #TheMoreYouKnow— Rob (@DigiFluid) August 8, 2015

There are plenty more, trust me. Nobody thinks I know how to spell heroin, but I do.

Yes, I know how to spell heroin— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) August 8, 2015
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