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Flat Brim Caps = Generation Gap

My daughter knows me well. She can anticipate my reaction to just about everything. It's frightening, really.

She has a birthday this month so she's started dropping hints about things she'd like. After her last soccer match, it went something like this:

Michelle: Daddy, there's something I want, but you're not going to like it.
Me: Oh yeah? What's that?
Michelle: I want a Raptors cap.
Me: Why wouldn't I like that? I totally dig that.
Michelle: Well... I want a flat brim. I know you hate caps with flat brims.
Me: You're right, I don't like that at all.

The flat brim cap era has provided us with our very first taste of the generation gap. Every time I see someone wearing a cap with a completely flat brim I want to grab the brim and work it in. I like curves!

I may personally despise the flat brim style, but I'll love my daughter in one regardless.


Update: July 18, 2015

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