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Things I Preach Annoyingly Often

Knowing your faults is key. I'm far from perfect, but I recognize that. I say "buddin" instead of "button", for example. I also promote a few thing to an extent that some could rightly regard as annoying.

Here are three things I annoyingly preach. I'm sure there's more, but we'll start with these three...

The French Press

Keurig this and Tassimo that, everybody seems to have a favourite pod-based coffee. Then there's the set that like to buy their coffee, and they're all Starbucks this and Tim Hortons that. It all seems so wasteful, soulless and expensive to me. I've been brewing my coffee with a French Press for a decade and I doubt I'll ever stop. It's cheaper, tastier, and awfully annoying when I espouse the virtues of my French Press. Try French Press coffee and do it yourself.

The Wire

So you love The Good Wife, do you? Have you seen The Wire? The Wire is the greatest television show ever produced, did you know that? You have to see The Wire. Why haven't you seen The Wire yet? The Wire is the best. See The Wire.


It's -20 out? Damn right I'm still biking. Stuck in traffic on the Gardiner Expressway? I recommend biking. It burns fat, costs little and revitalizes your brain waves. I've got a meeting at Yonge and Dundas tonight, and I'm biking there. Buy a bike and start riding!

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