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Future Shop, 1982 - 2015

News broke this morning that all Future Shop stores have been shuttered, effective immediately. 66 are gone for good while 65 will be turned into Best Buy outlets.

The end result will be the loss of 500 full-time and 1,000 part-time jobs. What irks me is the complete lack of notice. Employees learned Future Shop was closing via Twitter, essentially, or when they showed up for work this morning and found the doors locked. A little notice would have been nice.


When Best Buy acquired Future Shop back in 2001, I wondered why they were keeping both brands and running them as separate entities. Often there would be a Future Shop nearby a Best Buy and it seemed as if they were cannibalizing each other. Today's announcement doesn't surprise me in the least.

I just feel bad for those who just learned their jobs have disappeared.

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