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Random observation time...

Often, I'll watch the CBC Toronto news either at 5pm or 6pm. Forever, they'd shut it down at 6:30pm for Coronation Street. The opening chords of the Coronation Street soundtrack is etched into my cranium.

Then, a short while ago, this song was replaced by the opening theme of Murdoch Mysteries. I'm not sure what happened to Coronation Street, but I imagined Corrie fans going apeshit at the change. I suspect Corrie fans are the type who really, really hate change.

Now, all of a sudden, Coronation Street is back at 6:30pm after the CBC Toronto news. It's opening song is my queue to turn off the telly.


Did they switch back because the Coronation Street faithful wrote a massive number of letters to the CBC? Was the outcry so loud they had to reverse their decision?

Just wondering...

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