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Why Do I Watch the Oscars?

I always watch the Academy Awards. I've done so since I was a teenager. Last night, I did it again.

Every single year, I regret it. 90% of the show is a snoozefest. Most of the musical performances are boring, mediocre songs, and when it's all done at midnight, I remember that I really don't care who wins.

I have this post-Oscar regret every single year, but I always come back. Why do I continue to watch a long, pretentious, boring television program?

There are a few reasons:

  1. I run the family Oscar pool. This means updating the tallies online in real-time. I take this responsibility very seriously, even though I never win.
  2. It's live, and you never know what's going to happen. Sure, 99% of what happens is rather bland, but when it happens, you'll be glad you saw it live.
  3. I enjoy watching something I know I'm sharing with millions and millions of fellow humans. This communal viewing is pretty cool, and Twitter adds this extra dimension I truly dig. In fact, watching the Oscars is no longer the primary entertainment, it's my Twitter feed and interactions that keep the spark lit until midnight. I have no idea how I watched the Oscars before Twitter.

So ends another 3.5 hour circle jerk with so few laughs and memorable moments I can't recall any right now as I type, but I'll be back next year.  Will you? Why do you watch?

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