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Quick Toronto Radio Hits

Quick Toronto Radio Hits

There have been a few Toronto radio developments I thought we might want to discuss, so here's a big fat juicy three-fer.

Indie88 PD Vacancy
The first involves Indie88. They're looking for a new Program Director. I've exchanged emails with their old Program Director, Adam Thompson, and he even promised to appear on my podcast. I should have known something was up when he changed his mind.

The Marsbar Theatre
Then there's David Marsden on 94.9 The Rock. His Marsden Theatre, an Oshawa staple since 2003, airs for the last time on December 14. He's going to focus on his project where $5.99 / month gets you a "boutique 80s stream curated by David Marsden".

Humble and Fred on Toronto Mike'd
Humble and Fred are appearing on my podcast next week, together. I'll finally get to use all three microphones at once. Let me know if you have any questions for this duo, celebrating 25 years together.

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