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Camping in Canada Finally Digitized

Eight years ago, I shared the story of Camping in Canada, a Sesame Street cassette I thoroughly enjoyed in the early 80s.  I knew the words to every song and just loved the story of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch attending a summer camp in Ontario.

Feeling nostalgic back in 2006 and wanting to hear Camping in Canada again, I found a vinyl copy in a little shop in Saskatoon and had my buddy Mofo dub it to cassette. I always intended to have it digitized to MP3, but never got around to it...

Then, yesterday afternoon, this comment from Swiss-Canadian Ignacio was published.

I came across your post in 2009, that is when I became a father. And I wanted my son to grow up with the same record I grew up with. So I bought a Vinyl on ebay and digitalized it to mp3s. I took my time with removing the vinyl sounds, and I think it came out great. If anybody wants the files, just ask me.
Cheers Ignacio (SwissCanuck)

Twenty minutes later, I had the MP3 of every song from Camping in Canada.  Jarvis is going to love this...

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