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SkyDome Was a Mistake (and it's 25 Today)

SkyDome Was a Mistake and it's 25

My earliest Blue Jays memories go back to Exhibition Stadium.  I was too young to care that it was affectionately known as "The Mistake by the Lake".  After all, it was a major league stadium and my Blue Jays played there.

I remember the opening of SkyDome well. In fact, Domer is stored away in a box somewhere.  I caught two games at SkyDome that opening week and I remember how bright and modern is seemed.  SkyDome was the future!

A few years later, it became clear SkyDome wasn't the future.  SkyDome was a mistake. Baltimore, after all, opened Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1992.

Now that SkyDome is 25-years old, can we finally tear it down and build something like this?

Oriole Park at Camden Yards
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