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Door-to-Door Unsolicitation

Door-to-Door Unsolicitation

Since I've moved into the new home, I've had plenty of unsolicited visitors.

Last week, a nice young gentleman was in the area aerating lawns. He offered me a great discount.  I declined.

An even younger fellow wanted to see my Rogers bill to tell me how much I'd save with Bell Fibe.  He had a special offer, apparently.  When pressed for specifics, his prices were actually higher than I was paying now.

Usually my unsolicited visits are from people very interested in my furnace room. "It'll show up on your Enbridge bill", they tell me. They're hawking everything from a new energy efficient furnace to hot water heaters. Again, I decline them all.

I likely notice the unsolicited visitors more now than ever because I work at home and am around to answer the door.  The fact is, they could be offering me lawn aeration, digital cable and a new furnace for free and I'd still decline. That's my rule. I'll always say no, no matter how compelling the deal.

When I'm in the market, don't call me... I'll call you.

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