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How Jarvis Got His Name

How Jarvis Got His Name

My son Jarvis was born a little over a week ago.  This is the story of how he got his name.

Last August, I took my daughter Michelle to her first concert. We saw Selena Gomez at the ACC.

We parked at 1 Yonge Street and walked to a restaurant for dinner before the show.  For fun, we thought we'd find names on signs in an effort to name her unborn brother.

I went first, after seeing an ad for Captain Morgan's rum, and suggested the name Morgan.  Michelle didn't like it, but she saw a sign for Jarvis Street, and suggested we name him Jarvis.

The second I heard her say it, I was sold.  "That's his name", I replied, without missing a beat.

I had to do a little selling with my wife, but eventually she bought in and the rest is history.  Michelle named her little brother.

Two cuties: Michelle and Jarvis
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