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Most Repetitive Toronto Radio Stations

Most Repetitive Toronto Radio Stations

The Grid "surveyed 12 commercial FM-radio stations in the GTA over a 12-hour programming block last week to determine the musical diversity (or lack thereof) on the city’s airwaves".

According to their data, these are Toronto's most repetitive radio stations:

  1. Kiss 92.5
  2. Flow 93.5
  3. Virgin 99.1
  4. 102.1 the Edge
  5. 104.5 CHUM-FM
  6. Indie 88.1
  7. Y108
  8. 97.7 HTZ-FM
  9. CHFI 98.1

There's little surprise in the top three, but it's interesting that 102.1 the Edge finished fourth.  Boom 97.3, Q107 and G98.7 didn't repeat at all during this period.

When you click on over to the Grid article you'll see some fun graphics that reveal Lorde to be the artist heard on the most stations (7) and her song "Team" to be the most played song in the city (29 plays!).

And for the record, 37 different artists were played on both 102.1 the Edge and Indie 88.1 during this 12-hour period.  But, and this is key for those of you who find 88.1 to be too repetitive, no station played more unique songs during this time.  Indie 88.1 played the most music overall, and the most non-repeated music.

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