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U of T vs. York vs. Ryerson

U of T vs. York vs. Ryerson

I got my degree from the University of Toronto.  It was conveniently located, had a good reputation and they accepted me.  So off to U of T I went exactly 19 years ago this week...

I had a friend who went to York University, and I remember reading his essay and knowing it was a solid 60% at my school.  He got a 90% for it at York.  There's no way in hell that paper would have got me anywhere close to 90% at U of T.

Rumour had it that Ryerson was even easier.  I suspect I would have killed there.  Meanwhile, I was busting my hump to get a 70% with papers that would have scored me 90% at other universities.

But I did it, and now I have a lovely degree I could hang on my wall.  I don't hang it, but I could!

But what if I went to York or Ryerson instead? How much easier could it have been? Does it really matter which university you graduate from?  I have one line on my resume that mentions where my degree is from, and I can't imagine it's ever made a difference.

Employers and hiring managers: Do you differentiate between a graduate from U of T, York and Ryerson?

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