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My Moving Heroes: Ford, Elvis and Muzzin

My Moving Heroes

I merged a couple of homes into one new home (it's 80 years old, but it's new to us!) on Thursday, and I wanted to take a moment to thank my moving heroes.

The wonderful Elvis came all the way from Oshawa to lend a hand, and the powerful Muzzin brought both muscle and his pick-up truck.  In addition to their help, Ford Canada chipped in the mighty 2013 Explorer, Sport edition no less.

My sweet ride for the week #fordcanada
I can fit so much in this new Ford Explorer #fordcanada

Before I picked up the Uhaul, I made a few trips with the Ford Explorer and was shocked by how much room there is for moving stuff.  The Uhaul is long gone, but I've still got the Explorer as I continue to empty my old apartment.  The Explorer makes it as pleasurable as moving could possibly be.

So thanks Elvis, Muzzin and Ford.  May this be the last time I ever move.

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