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The Air Canada Centre Parent Lounge

The Air Canada Centre Parent Lounge

I'm taking my daughter to see Selena Gomez Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre.  It will be her first concert and I'm actually pretty excited about sitting beside her for the show, even though I don't care at all for the headliner.

Although I would have bought a ticket for myself regardless, I just learned that the Air Canada Centre will have a Parent Lounge open throughout Saturday night's show.  Any parent or guardian over 18 who accompanies “fans with valid tickets to the show and who would like to be in the venue while the event is going on” are welcome.

Personally, if I was taking my kid to a concert but not attending, I can think of a million better places to hang during the show, but this does sound like a good idea for these acts that attract the pre-teens and younger.

Apparently, the Parent Lounge was open during the recent One Direction and Justin Bieber shows.  Did anyone go?  How was it?

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