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I Love This Heat

I Love This Heat

According to Twitter, it's hot in Toronto.  I'm told it feels like 44°C out there.  Lots of people are complaining, but you won't hear me bitching about the heat.

To borrow a phrase my buddy Mark just used on his blog, the hotter the better.  I've never deemed Toronto weather to be too hot.  Evidence of this is the fact I didn't hesitate to bike during yesterday and today's lunch hour.  In fact, yesterday I recorded a personal best for that particular route.

Most everyone disagrees with this, but I think there is just something about that thick heat that presents a challenge -- either you fight it, or you embrace it and take it in. I think the latter is the only way to deal with it. If you embrace the heat and just to decide to let it soak in (and soak you), it becomes extremely energizing.

I agree 100%. I embraced the heat long ago and love it.

The hotter, the better.

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