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When My Son Beats Me

When My Son Beats Me

I'm crazy about my boy.  I'm not suggesting this is unique as I'm sure almost all fathers feel this way about their sons, but it's a super intense and awesome feeling to love someone in this way.

Last year, when my boy was only 10-years old, I let him draft in my annual playoff pool for the first time.  He didn't receive any special help and had to draft like the rest of us.  He ended up beating me by one point.

It's very, very early, but if I glance at the current standings of this year's pool, I see my 11-year old leading the pack.  Heck, he's already 15 points up on his uncle Steve.  And it looks like he'll only lose Subban and Kessel heading into the 2nd round.  He's in pretty good shape.

My best man

You'd think I'd feel a little like Homer Simpson, but I don't.  I'm damn proud of him and I hope he kicks my ass.

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