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When I Heard Cleveland and it Blew My Mind

When I Heard Cleveland and it Blew My Mind

I've written about my old blue transistor radio before, but it's been almost seven years so I thought I'd reminisce once more.

It was a Christmas gift in the mid-80s and I used to fall asleep listening to it.  More often than not, I was listening to Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth call Blue Jays games, but when there wasn't a Jays game on, I liked to slowly surf the AM and FM bands.

During this crawl, I'd pick up stations from cities that felt awfully far away.  One of those cities was Cleveland.

I remember it blowing my mind that I was lying in my bed in Toronto and hearing a radio station all the way in Cleveland, Ohio.  Radio seemed almost magic.  It was a transponder, letting me hear traffic reports for streets I didn't know and weather reports in Fahrenheit!

I loved my blue transistor radio.

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