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Rob Ford Has Fired His Chief of Staff

Rob Ford Has Fired His Chief of Staff

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has fired his chief of staff, Mark Towhey.  No reason has been given.  He was relieved of his duties and escorted from the premises by security this afternoon.

Meanwhile, it's been an entire week since three reporters from two different publications revealed what they witnessed in a video that allegedly shows Rob Ford smoking crack, calling Justin Trudeau a "fag" and the students at Don Bosco "just fucking minorities".  It's been a whole week, and our mayor has said almost nothing.  He hasn't admitted he has a problem nor strongly denied the allegations.  I'm convinced his strategy is to avoid the issue in the hopes it will simply blow over.

Has Mark Towhey been fired because he disagreed with this awful strategy?  Has Mark Towhey been fired because of this crack controversy?

With Rob Ford still in office, we have many questions but few answers.

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