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Why I'm Rooting For Gonzaga (And You Should Too)

March Madness - NCAA

Without a doubt, I'm rooting for Gonzaga to win this year's NCAA's March Madness tournament.  If you're fellow Canadian, you should be too, for two good reasons: Kelly Olynyk and Kevin Pangos.

Olynyk, a seven-foot forward from Kamloops and Pangos, a point guard from Holland Landing, Ontario, have led Gonzaga to a stellar 31-2 record.  Quite possibly the best team in the United States is being powered by two Canadians and that's pretty sweet.


So it's Go Gonzago Go in this household, but I'll also be cheering for Michigan and UNLV.  Mississauga's own Nik Stauskas plays for the Michigan Wolverines and is one of the best three point shooters in the NCAA.  UNLV's Anthony Bennett hails from Brampton and is a projected top-five NBA draft pick.

Lots of Cancon in this year's tourney, which gets underway in less than an hour.  If you want to hear my brother and his buddy pick the winners, listen to episode 5 of Fantasy Sports Hookup.

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