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Of Dentistry, Insurance and OHIP

Of Dentistry, Insurance and OHIP

I've just returned from the dentist.  I had a dental exam, two x-rays, polishing and scaling.  It cost me $157 + tax.

Luckily, I have dental insurance through work, and my insurance plan will cover $156 of the $157.  That's right, my dentist charges $31 for x-rays that my insurance company only covers $30 for.  Can't we align that?

Although the whole visit was only costing me a buck out of my own pocket, I was just thinking of all the people in this country that don't have dental insurance.  I'm thinking about part-timers, free-lancers, self-employed people, retired folks and the unemployed.  I'll bet these people avoid the dentist.

In Ontario, almost all medical expenses are covered by OHIP.  Why isn't dentistry covered?  If you need a cavity filled or a root canal, why doesn't OHIP cover it like they cover broken legs and heart surgery?

It's as if dentistry was completely dissed when OHIP was introduced and it's now too late to add it because we're in de-list mode and can't afford to cover anything new.  I'll bet this is what dentists talk about at dental clinic holiday parties.

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