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5 Things I'm Sick and Tired Of These Days

5 Things I'm Sick and Tired Of These Days

There are a few things I have no patience for any more.  Some of these are news stories that are all over the place, but I just can't get into it.  I can't even fake an interest for you guys.

Rob Ford's Conflict of Interest
The Globe and Mail (hopefully that link still works for ya) is reporting that Mayor Rob Ford ordered city staffers to beautify the area within three weeks for Deco Labels and Tags’ 50th anniversary party.  More than a dozen city employees at the supervisor level or higher were involved in making the mayor’s request happen.  Deco Labels and Tags, if you didn't know, is Rob Ford's family's business.

It's another in a long line of Rob Ford conflict of interest stories.  There are so many Rob Ford conflict of interest stories, I can't be bothered writing about them any more.  I'm sick and tired of 'em.


Obama vs. Romney
I didn't watch the debate last night.  The bipartisanship of US politics upsets me, so I chose the game 7 blow-out.  I'm so sick of Republican talking heads telling us how dominant Romney was and Democratic talking heads telling us Obama kicked ass... I'm going to play various poker games online until election night.

John Farrell
I never felt Farrell was a particularly good manager, and I'm more than fine with him bolting for the Red Sox job.  I could have managed the Jays to a similar record.  Good riddance, let's move on.

NHL Lockout Updates
The only thing worse than the NHL labour shortage is following the NHL lockout news.  Much like the bipartisanship politics in the USA, it's all about spin doctoring and PR.  Let me know when this thing is over, but until then, I really, really, really don't care.

Bloggers who complain about stuff
Can you believe some Toronto bloggers use their blog as a forum to complain about stuff?  They'll even do it in lists to tell people why they don't care about certain current events or popular topics.  Think about it... they care enough to write passionately about why they don't care!

I'm sick and tired of bloggers like that...

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