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Consumers Distributing Lives On As Argos

Consumer's Distributing Lives On As Argos

I enjoy the comments left on my Consumers Distributing entry.  There are comments from those who fondly remember the old Canadian retail chain, some who worked there and others who aren't at all surprised Consumers Distributing didn't make it.

Last week in Dublin, I needed an adaptor for my power bar.  The one that got me through trips to Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam wasn't going to work in Ireland, so I ended up at a store called Argos.

2012-09-16 13.10.04

Argos is exactly like Consumers Distributing.  You order out of a catalogue and pick it up at a desk with a conveyor belt, just like I remember it.  €5.99 later, I had my adaptor.

Ok, Argos wasn't exactly like Consumers Distributing.  The item I wanted was in stock.

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