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Amsterdam: Bikes... Bikes Everywhere

Amsterdam: Bikes Everywhere

Amsterdam is a very interesting city.  I'll be sharing more pics from my visit soon, but this entry is about the bikes that dominate the cityscape.

This summer, I've biked about three times a week throughout Toronto, but we in Toronto can't touch Amsterdam when it comes to biking.  Amsterdam has bike lanes everywhere, and it seems almost everyone uses them.  There are bikes locked, and unlocked, along every street, at virtually every turn.

2012-08-07 14.17.58
2012-08-07 14.21.36
2012-08-07 13.39.16
2012-08-07 14.13.45
2012-08-07 13.41.46
2012-08-07 13.37.03

I thought Berlin did a fantastic job of installing bike lanes throughout the city, but Amsterdam has taken it to a whole different level.  I love it.

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