Oxfam Trailwalker, Ferrari and the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Oxfam Trailwalker, Ferrari and the Dell XPSI have some loose ends I need to tie up, so this entry is a 3-for-1 treat.

Oxfam Trailwalker
I mentioned I'm looking for proxies to participate in the Oxfam Trailwalker hike from Wasaga Beach to Midland, Ontario. I've since adopted a team called 4 Chicks in the Woods, which I'll write more about soon, but I'm still looking for folks interested in working with a team for this great cause. I've got one reader looking for three others, perhaps you're one of those missing three?

There's still time to enter to win one of 10 free Ferrari Fan Zone tickets for the upcoming Toronto Indy. You have through Thursday to enter here.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
I've been meaning to update everyone on my experience with Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook. For a laptop running Windows, I'm damn impressed. It's light and thin and looks great, but more importantly, it's stable and fast and gets the job done right. If you're looking for a MacBook Pro with Windows, here's your answer. It's working out so well, I'm not even going to wipe it and install Ubuntu.

So there ya go... three for one.

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Here's a computing question. Where is an actual working site that I can freely upload a 6Mb data file to?
I have about a Gb of supposed space with Blogger / Picasa - but only for image files. Ditto with Flickr.
Two years ago I used zshare.net; that's changed since. And that site only keeps files for 60 days of inactivity. Now, I have spent over an hour just looking for a free site that does what it says - stores files online with a downloadable link.

June 26, 2012 @ 11:10 PM


Nearly two hours later, I finished loading to box.com, needing to split a 6.5 mb zip into two halves - the upload quit on me. According to its page it was still "processing" the first upload even after I had completed the second.
Then a Blogger post. And that took 10 minutes (and multiple reloads) to click from its central Dashboard page and into a new Compose Entry Post page. This is a increasingly growing issue since that site's April over-haul. And it refused to allow re-editing of minor formatting changes afterward; it just hanged.
Maybe my file upload will still be available in 30 days, who knows? (old-style Screensavers.)

June 27, 2012 @ 1:42 AM

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