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My Euro 2012 Bet With Il Duce (I'm With Germany)


Those of you with good memories will remember the story of Il Duce. The rest of you will need to read this.

Essentially, Il Duce has been commenting on this blog for years, taking great delight in "busting my balls".  Then, I met him in person and he was the nicest guy.  There are two Il Duces, and the ball busting one has a bet with me for this afternoon's Euro 2012 semi-final between Germany and Italy.

I'll bet you know which sides we've taken.  Il Duce, @LasagnaKing on Twitter, has Italy.  I'm going with the country I spent a week in earlier this year, Germany.

@torontomike When Italy wins you have to cheer for them in the finals. That means blog posts as such... #forzaitalia— Anthony Petrucci (@LasagnaKing) June 24, 2012
@torontomike Lasagna of course #palmapasta— Anthony Petrucci (@LasagnaKing) June 24, 2012

I love lasagna, especially Palma Pasta lasagna.  Go Germany!

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