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Adam "MCA" Yauch, Dead at 47

In Memorium

Adam "MCA" Yauch was 47.  He co-founded the Beastie Boys in 1979 with Mike D, Mix Master Mike, and Ad-Rock.

I'm a big Beastie Boys fan.  Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head rank among my favourite albums of all time.

Adam Yauch was a practising Buddhist, and because of that, everything I learned about Tibet I learned from the Beastie Boys.  But aside from that awareness, the Beastie Boys were one of my five bands.  I've been playing the shit out of them since Licensed to Ill.

I'm gong to spin Check Your Head again... MCA will be missed.

So what's your name, Yauch? My name is MCA
I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul
And now I'd like to pass the mic
To my brother Ad-Rock c'mon and shine like a light
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