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Please Explain to Me All the Chris Brown Love


I watched most of the Grammys yesterday, and I was baffled by the Chris Brown love.  He kept coming back, and the crowd kept loving it...  It was a Chris Brown love-in and I don't get it.

Help me understand why everybody loves this guy.  Sure, he can dance, but the song he performed was boring.  And wasn't he arrested only a few years ago for beating a woman?  As I recall, Rihanna told police that Chris Brown not only inflicted horrific injuries on her, but choked her while threatening to kill her.  And there Chris Brown was being celebrated with Rihanna in the audience.

Here's a nice clip from Fox News (did I just write that?) worth watching.  It's an apology to Chris Brown from Andy Levy.

And here's a bunch of women tweeting that they'd let Chris Brown beat them.  Yep, people are wondering why Rihanna would complain about getting roughed up by Chris Brown.

Can anyone explain all the Chris Brown love to me?

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