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Identify These Toronto Sites, Win a CBC Tee

cn tower

A long, long time ago, I helped Mississauga Blogger with his Mississauga Blog.  I was sad to see the blog lapse over the years, and today it's nowhere to be found.

Mississauga Blogger may not be blogging anymore, but we're still in touch.  In fact, he needs our help.

Here's a link to a wonderful time lapse HDR film '"Neo Solace" by Ben Lean hosted at Vimeo. A wonderful example of a successful execution of a simple concept that delivers such a powerful look at our city.
I can identify all the locations except two.
A building with a water feature at 1:06 and other structure with water sculptures at 1:34.

Here's the video:

Here's the two sites he needs identified:


If you get it right, he's got a CBC 75th anniversary tee-shirt for ya.  Seriously.  Just leave the answer in the comments and include your email address in the non-published email field.

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