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Ford Moved Transfer Station Fence Lines to Thwart Picketers

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I've mentioned I have a Toronto City Hall informant. I call him / her Cardinal.  Cardinal just sent me an email following the city's deal reached with CUPE local 416 to avert a strike.

Here's Cardinal's email, in its entirety.

just so you and your blog followers know....  ford claims that there is no money in the budget for anything, yet they spent $20,000 at each transfer station to move the fence lines to within 15m from the road so that in the event of a strike/ lockout, the people picketing couldn't park on the property and would be fined for parking on the street. Also, they had warehouses rented out so that they could dump the city's waste there.  That sounds like gravy to me.

I'll just leave this here without comment.  The Super Bowl is about to start.

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