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Joe Bodolai, Dead at 63

In Memorium

Joe Bodolai was 63. He was best known for producing and writing such television shows as Comics!, The Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live. He also co-wrote the first draft of the film Wayne's World with Mike Myers.

Before he took his own life, Joe Bodolai published his suicide note on his blog.  You really have to read his final entry.

Things I Regret
  • My inability to conquer my alcoholism
  • The things I did because of it
  • Leaving Canada
  • Moving to Los Angeles
  • Not fighting harder or making a better deal to stay with The Comedy Network I helped create
  • Not being able to live up to the helping hand so many wonderful people offered me
  • The hurt I caused in my family, friends, and maybe even strangers.
  • That I am no longer able to withstand any more of life’s pain
  • Most of all, the pain I have caused and am now causing my sons and the love of my life, my ex-wife Bianca, my love and connection with her is infinite
  • The fact I will never get to repay the love and generosity you all deserve
  • Lisa.

It's a fascinating read.  He published this entry on December 23 and took his life yesterday.  I'm going to paste down the entry entry in the comments, just in case it goes offline at some point.

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